Pacific Strike

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Pacific Strike
Pacific Strike is based on a similar engine as Strike Commander. In this
game, you play a naval aviator during WWII in the Pacific Theater of
Operations. You begin your career during the surprise attack on Pearl
Harbour, and then continue your career sailing through the Pacific Ocean
in your effort to bring the war back to the Japanese homeland. During
your cruise, you will be performing strike or escort missions. Unlike in
Strike Commander, you will have more liberty in planning your missions.
You'll even be able to choose what plane to fly when you have attained a
high enough rank. Pacific Strike have a very familiar feel if you have
played Roberts' other sims. The story is intertwined with the actual
history of the Pacific Air War and, combined with the very well done
history-section of the manual, gives you a fairly good atmosphere.
Graphically, this sim is richer than its much more popular contemporary,
Microprose's 1942 Pacific Air War. Graphical effects like tracer fire,
and black/red outs are very well done. But as far as gameplay goes, I
have little to recommend. The flight modelling is questionable. This does
not only mean that it is simplified. It IS questionable. This, and other
historical inaccuracies, will surely put off realism-buffs. Sadly,
action-oriented player will also be put-off by the sluggish flight model.
If you want to experience air combat over the Pacific, you'd be better
served by Dynamix's Ace over the Pacific or, even better, by MicroProse's
1942:Pacific Air War Gold.

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