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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

I remember visiting my cousin many many years ago. It must have been in
the early 1980s. He had one of those great new video games and he was
playing Pac-Man on his family's big TV. Oh wow! Fascinating! Now THAT was
action and excitement. I couldn't wait till he let me try it out. One of
the first worldwide arcade-hits for Atari's 2600 game console. It has
been copied, cloned and transferred to many systems since it's release in
1981. There have been more sequels than I can count, the original concept
was left after a while and jump 'n runs and almost puzzle-like games were
released. Pac-Man became a worldwide merchandising success and is most
likely the best known computer game hero of all times. The concept of the
game is simple - your goal is it to eat all the pills in one level while
avoiding being killed by the ghosts. If you eat a special power pill you
are temporarily able to defeat the ghosts. Simple but addicting. I cannot
say for sure, but this version to my knowledge isn't an original Pacman
version from Atari. I cannot quite say who wrote it, but it's pretty much
the closest to the original I've come across.

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