Pangea Return To Planet Earth

Copyright: © 1993 Interactive Computer Entertainment Inc
Genre: Adventure

Pangea: Return to Planet Earth
Not a "computer game" per se but more of an "interactive comic book,"
Pangea: Return to Planet Earth is one of the earliest releases of its
kind prior to the rise of CD-ROMs. Other than Infocom's short-lived
Infocomics series released in late 1980s, no developer has revisited the
niche genre until this release from ICE Inc, a now-defunct comic magazine
company that wanted to explore the PC as a new medium for their artists'
work. The first and last release in a planned series, Pangea plays like
your typical Choose Your Own Adventure interactive book: you are given
choices during each narrative scene, each of which leads you down a
different plot branch. You can replay any 'page' you have read before, or
jump to different sections of the story. The mouse-driven interface is
easy to learn and use, and the presentation is good: save for the
interactive buttons at the bottom, the entire screen is filled with
graphics and description text. The story itself is quite interesting,
although by no means original or exciting. The writing is mostly good,
and the background graphics, while static, are well-designed and fit well
with the narrative. Overall, Pangea is a solid effort in the short-lived
genre that was reborn only shortly in mid-1990s with several interactive
comic book on CD-ROMs. The story in Pangea is not one-tenth as profound
as Portal, but as far as science fiction goes, it's not bad and the
writing is decent. Worth a look and play through at least once to the end.

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