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Puzzle games

Pango is an excellent freeware PC conversion of Pengo, SEGA’s coin-op
classic first released in 1982. Pango is the name of your alter ego in
the game: a red penguin who must rid the screen of sno-bees by crushing
them with ice blocks. To do this, you must maneuver Pengo into a position
where a single ice block stands between him and a sno-bee, and then push
the ice block into the sno-bee. The ice block will slide across the
screen, pushing the sno-bee ahead of it, until colliding with another ice
block of the wall. You can also electrocute sno-bees by trapping them
along the wall. Bonus points are awarded for finishing a level quickly,
and you can also earn points for combos, such as aligning 3 diamond
blocks in a row within the playfield or along the wall. Pango has the
same charming quality as the arcade original: an easy-to-learn,
hard-to-master game that requires both reflexes and some strategic
thinking to do well. If you like Pac-Man or similar classics, Pango is
simply a must-have. Highly recommended!

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