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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
Paperboy is one of the most legendary games ever created. I met hundreds
of game players in my life and each one of them played Paperboy at least
once. Most of the people even like this game, but there are some (like
me) who don't have a good view of Paperboy. Why? Because I don't find it
entertaining and I don't because of incredibly small play area. Most of
the game takes place on a small portion of the lower left screen. That's
why. The game has a rather easy task. You, as newly employed paperboy,
have to distribute morning papers to the subscribers. You ride a bike and
throw papers into mailboxes while avoiding cars, dogs, neigbours, loose
tires and such. Pretty hard game if you ask me.

Review 2:

Paperboy is yet another classic that most people that have owned an older
computer will recognize when they see it again. As far as I know this is
the only game that offers what Paperboy does. Not because the actual game
objects are that interesting but at least you donít see it in other
games. You control a little kid on a bicycle that has to deliver papers
to the different houses you drive by. There are of course different
things that will make it harder for you to deliver your papers like
fences, people on the street, cars, dogs and many other things that you
meet in a regular day. You have to avoid hitting all those things. You
get extra points for hitting the mailboxes, smashing windows with the
papers and many other things. Once you get further into the game there
will be larger areas where you will get extra chances for scoring many
points. Paperboy is overall an entertaining game but the PC version
doesnít really look good compared to the Commodore 64 and Amiga versions
simply because of the poor EGA graphics. The game screen is also very
little which makes it almost impossible to play. Still, you will be able
to find many hours of gameplay with this classic but see if you can get
the chance to play the Amiga version since itís much nicer to look at it
and the control is also easier.

Review 3:

I used to play this game back on my old C64 - or was it the Amiga? Hm...
No, I don't think so. It has this good old C64-touch. Arcade-Style... The
story is simple - you have to deliver newspapers to the subscribers while
avoiding people, cars or other things crossing your way. Being the modern
hero that you are you take all danger on you to make your customers
happy. Don't throw the newspapers through the windows and take care of
your bike, Paperboy! Review 4: Competent PC conversion of one of the
Atari's best-known arcade games. If you were ever a paperboy when you
were young, you'll know how ungrateful your customers can be. You've got
to deliver your papers to all the houses on your street by firing them
into the mailboxes and avoiding people, objects and cars. You also have
to make sure you don't run out of newspapers, but more can be picked up
on the way. If you don't deliver newspapers to any of the houses, they'll
cancel their subscription. Paperboy is a very original game and fun to
play, although it is slightly difficult, especially since the isometric
view is a bit blocky in EGA graphics. The graphics are quite good for the
time, though, and the animation of your bike and various obstacles is
generally good. For some reason, the game has very little sound effects--
something that is one of the best aspects in the arcade original.
Fortunately, gameplay is strong enough to carry the day in silence. If
you like this game, be sure to also check out the superior sequel,
PaperBoy 2. Review 5: Based on the arcade game, the object of Paperboy is
to deliver papers to your customers while inflicting as much damage as
possible to the houses of your non-customers. To make things more
difficult, numerous obstacles get in your way including construction
workers, rogue tires, skateboarders, dogs and cats, cars, and even the
occasional tornado. Review 6: Wow this was an original game. Ok, so it
was, honest, but it was darn crap after a while. Itís been made on
basically all the systems I can think of though, so it canít be all that
bad! ;) Youíre the paperboy for that good olí newspaper The Daily Sun.
Itís your job to make sure that all subscribers to the paper get their
copy! Also you can go and abuse the people that donít subscribe (an added
bonus for those really dedicated workers!). Playing this game gives a
whole new angle to the role of the paperboy, although Iím not sure Iíve
seen the lad that delivers our paper fall off his bike as often as I did
;). There are kerbs you hit, fences, dogs, people, and steps (oddly some
of them are built across the footpath). There are even break-dancers!! Go
figure o_O. When I started out playing this I was awful, I gradually got
better. I think that was the main thing that kept me playing it, not the
actual game, but beating my own best. I know that doesnít say much about
the game play, but it does get repetitive. You either love this game, or
you just play it because you are bored. All in all though, itís a great
challenge. Beat your own best, or kick your friends arses ;) Just get
through it so you can say you did even! I admit I sometimes still give it
a whirl.

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