Paperboy 2

Copyright: © 1991 Mindscape
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Paperboy 2
Review 1:
Now this is what Paperboy 1 should have been! Aside from better graphics
and sound, the game has much larger play area and now you DO have time to
avoid the car when it comes at you. The goal is the same as before. You
have to deliver the newspaper to the subsribers. Now you can even play as
papergirl and see the action from a different view (well, not really;
it's all the same).

Review 2:

In this superior sequel to arcade classic PaperBoy, you are back to
deliver some more papers to a not-so-friendly neighborhood. However, this
time, you can also play as PaperGirl (so as not to be appear sexist,
naturally). The neighbourhoods this time are a little strange, though -
all the streets have castles in them! You will also have to dodge the
likes of skateboarders, bouncing balls, ghosts (!), and the obligatory
workmen carrying furniture or glass. The game has better graphics and is
much faster than its predecessor - in fact, I think it's too fast. It
also makes crashing into things a frequent occurrence, and your six lives
will quickly run out. At least Mindscape adds sound effects to the game
this time around, and the obstacles and levels are definitely more
diverse than the original classic. Overall, PaperBoy 2 is an excellent
all-around update that doesn't change the tried-and-true concept of the
original. The game is as incredibly addictive as ever -- so be warned.

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