Pc Man

Copyright: © 1982 Orion Software
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

PC Man
Review 1:
Why is the main character of this game called PC Man and not Pacman (as
the legendary character) is unknown to me. Probably because Onion
Software had no rights to use Atari's brand name... So, this is actually
Pacman, but the PC version of it. Go around, eat those dots and stay away
from ghosts.

Review 2:

Before Windmill Software and CHAMProgramming, Orion Software was one of
the first game developers that specialized in creating PC "clones" of
well-known arcade games, usually from the extensive catalogs of Atari,
Taito, or William. Lack of originality or official license
notwithstanding, their games are excellent conversions of famous classics
that, surprisingly enough, often look and play better than official PC
ports. Aside from great gameplay, Orion games are also notable for being
coded with a built-in timer - which means they work at the right speed
even on modern computers. Kudos to the designer Greg Kuperberg for having
such foresight.. it's not so often you find a 1983 game that doesn't need
to be slowed down :-) If you can't get enough of Q*Bert, Pac-Man, or
Paratrooper, check out these excellent classics that truly stand the test
of time.

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