Pizza Tycoon

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Pizza Tycoon
Review 1:
In one of the most original strategy games, the premise of Pizza Tycoon
is unique: you are a pizza guru/businessman/gangster who must build up a
reputable chain of pizza restaurants while dealing with mafias, picky
customers, and local authorities. The downside of this game is the
confusing interface and some illogical random events. Regardless,
creating successful recipes is never boring :)

Review 2:

Pizza Tycoon, one of the most innovative business simulations I've ever
played. I don't like cheese and that means I don't like most pizzas too,
but in this game, I forgot all about that. I actually played it a lot,
quite some time ago. I never became a champion at it, though. It's a hard
game, with a very high fun level. Every aspect of the pizza market is
treated. But I don't get it, why does every game, which involves an
Italian subject, always have a lot to do with the mafia? I think this
country, Italy, is sincerely misunderstood. I recommend this one. No, I
want you to try this one out. This might be one of the best examples for
the nostalgy of true oldies. It's not about the graphics, it's about the

Review 3:

"So you wanna be a gangster?" Actually, this isn't exactly ‘Goodfellas’,
but it is one hell of a game! It starts off where you are a no-body with
a bit of loose cash, who just happens to want to buy into the restaurant
market. Unfortunately this is the pizza world, lead by Italy's top
business men, oh yeah, and of course the mafia. Your aim is to become the
world's biggest company, and you will be wanting to reach your aim by any
means possible. This includes bribing governors, advertising, investing,
buying more shops, oh yeah and of course starting your own crew and
paying the mafia to blow up, destroy, and take over the competitors. The
amount of features available in this game are endless! You could play it
for months and never get bored. During the day you are the legitimate
business owner, buying, and setting up restaurants, with your own
furniture and hiring staff, along with dealing with business
propositions. Where as by night you become the 'Don', leading your mafia
crime syndicate to war with opponents, making sure they have no chance to
compete by any means you see fit. This is a top notch game, with nice
graphics, good sound, and brilliant game play. Download this baby now and
I promise you will have endless hours of fun!

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