Rad Warrior

Copyright: © 1986 Epyx
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Rad Warrior
Rad Warrior is an early Palace Software (Barbarian) release that sets
itself apart from other platform titles of the same period with puzzle
elements and fluid animation. Despite 4-color CGA graphics, Rad Warrior
takes full advantage of what the palette has to offer, and is a nice
little game and well worth spending a few hours playing. You are the last
warrior of your race, who must don an anti-radiation suit (hence the
game's name) and fight the Oppressors who have taken your people captive.
Level design is good, and there are many inventive physical puzzles that
are fun to solve, although none of them is very difficult. Gameplay is
very similar to Epyx' earlier Spiderbot, so those who like that game
should definitely give it a try.

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