Railroad Tycoon Deluxe

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Railroad Tycoon Deluxe
Review 1:
Railroad Tycoon Deluxe (RDX) is an excellent updated version of Sid
Meier's classic Railroad Tycoon, a game of robber barons at the turn of
20th century. Despite a host of new features and graphics, RDX sold very
poorly in stores, due to some annoying bugs and inexplicably slow
gameplay (most notoriously the F4 map screen, which brings the game to a
crawl). RDX is essentially the same game as Railroad Tycoon, with
improves hi-resolution graphics, new sound effects, and several
additions. The additions are: new maps (South America and South Africa)
with region-specific cargo types (e.g. diamonds for South Africa), new
time ranges and locomotives, bandits who can hijack your trains, and
sheriffs who will arrest them. The existence of many bugs and very slow
speed make the game initially inferior to the original, but subsequent
patches (already applied in this download) and today's faster computers
make it well worth a look. With multiple difficulty level, ingenious user
interface that makes track laying a breeze, and rock-solid gameplay, RDX
is in my (biased) opinion THE best railroad business management games
ever made... although SimTex' 1830 and Gathering of Developers' 1999
sequel Railroad Tycoon II come very close to this classic. Note: Although
the game is called Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon Deluxe, Sid Meier himself
had nothing to do with the development of this version.

Review 2:

This is a Sid Meier game and it's one of those that put this genius on
the pedestal he is on now. Along with Pirates and Civilization this has
got to be one of his best games. Off course there were many follow ups
and clones of this game, but if you ask me, nothing, and I do mean
nothing, comes close to this game!!! So what's it about? You are an
industrious and ambitious businessman trying your skill in railroad
business. And this game really has it all. You can play on many different
levels and I'll explain what I mean by that. First off you chose the map
on which you'll play. You can start building in either England, eastern
part of North America, western part of North America or in continental
Europe. Depending on which map you choose, you'll start in different
years. England built its rail network first, so that map will take you in
the first half of the 19th century. And the further back you go in time,
less choices of engines you'll have. Next you choose the difficulty level
of AI. And this really does make a difference, because every level will
get tougher. You have four to choose from and the toughest one will be
almost impossible to beat! But that's not all. Each difficulty level
presumes you'll chose different reality levels, but you can modify those
at the beginning or during the game. What's a reality level? You can
chose to do your own dispatching (holding the trains on the station,
forcing them to wait, so they don't crash), having complex economy (if
you don't chose this one, every city will accept all goods you'll deliver
to them, if you chose this one, then you'll get a list of goods a certain
city or some industry not placed in a city will accept), and last but not
least is the cut-throat choice (if ticked then other tycoons will try to
get you out of business by taking over your lines). So you have many
choices from the beginning on and that certainly adds to re-playability.
But what do you do in the game? Well there are many things you can do.
The basic income is from the profit your railroad is making, but that's
by far not all. You can buy and sell stocks of other companies,
speculating with their stock. Running others out of business or taking
over their lines. You can expand the stations by building post offices,
hotels, restaurants, which can bring some money and increase the number
of passengers and mail (and also freight). You'll see some priority
deliveries that will show up random and will demand you to howl freight
from one station to another (earning extra money). Basically you must
connect as many cities as you can and build as much industry (unless
playing without complex economy) as you can. Don't forget to build some
maintenance facilities along the way, so trains don't give out on you.
There are also two ways of fighting the opponents. You can either try to
take over their business or disrupt their lines. The stock market depends
on your wealth. If you have enough money, you'll be able to buy more then
50% of their stocks and take over their company. But disrupting their
lines depends on your railroad building skills. If you connect your
railroad to a city that is a part of somebody else's net then this city
will decide for one of the companies. Their decision will be based on
performance. The one who can bring most goods and passengers to the city
and deliver most of their supplies to other cities will win. The looser
will have to redraw from the city. This can even cut a line in half. On
the other hand if you connect to a city owned by a company you took over
that will increase the net worth of your company. There are simply so
many things to say about this game, that I could go on for pages and
still wouldn't say enough. The game play would score a 10 on a scale from
1 to 5. The game play gives you 200% of everything. But what about the
graphics and the sound? Well they are good too! The sound consists of a
pleasant adlib tunes and some sound effects. There are also some animated
scenes that are quite funny. You get VGA graphics that more then
effectively do the job. I'll only mention one other thing (for everything
else read the MANUAL). You build by holding down shift and using the
numeric part of the keyboard. Function keys from F1 to F10 all have a
certain function. First 4 will zoom in and out on parts of the map;
others will bring out different reports. F9 will get you in touch with
the stock broker. In the end, when you either retire, are kicked out of
business or have been in charge of the company so long you'll go into
peaceful retreat you'll see how good you've done. Every time you really
improve your performance you're offered a better job (meaning if you left
the railroad business you would have all the qualifications to do that
job). It's a nice way to end a game and enter the hall of fame.

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