Rally Championship

Copyright: © 1994 Flair Software
Genre: Sports

Rally Championship
Rally Championship is a decent rally racing sim from Inside Team,
published by Flair in 1994. The game's strengths lie more in the
excellent choice of cars and racing locales than actual car physics. The
goal is simple: race in courses around the world for prize money, which
you can use to buy more pricey cars. The cars you can drive are all
top-of-the-line, including the Porsche RS, Peugot 205 Rally, Opel
Calibra, Lancia Delta, Ford Escort Turbo, and the Toyota Celica. Rally
courses range from snowy Scandinavia to the dusty East African savanna,
bustling city streets of France, lush tropical rainforests, and even very
narrow passes on the Alps. You can choose to race any single stage, or
join a full World Series tournament. The courses are very well presented,
and the cars are crisply animated in VGA. Variables such as different
weather conditions (including rain, snow, fog, and even desert heat) are
nicely rendered and have different effects in the game. Both daytime and
nighttime conditions are included, so effectively you have twice the
number of courses to try. Gameplay in Rally Championship is decent,
although it could be better. Damage and fuel gauges are present
on-screen, and you have to strike a good balance between safe driving and
making the best time?crash into roadblocks one too many times, and the
damage gauge will go to the red, triggering the dreaded "your car has
crashed" screen. Certain realistic factors are included, such as the
ability to change tires to suit the road condition, and to upgrade to
faster car. Overall, though, I found that the cars in Rally Championship
are a bit too easy to drive... they more or less "glide" along the roads,
unlike cars in, say, Rally-Sport (a smaller but very entertaining
freeware game, also on this site). Maybe that's just me, but die-hard
rally fans would do well to treat this as a casual, "light" rally game
rather than a full-fledged simulation of the sport. Worth a look, but
probably not a must-have.

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