Rambo 3

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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Rambo 3
Review 1:
Based on the movie, this action game places you in role of the famous
John Rambo. Your mission is to free your commanding officer, but first
you have to escape the prison camp yourself. The game may look dumb at
the first look, but itís far from that. You will have a lot of weapons at
your disposal and not only that. A big selection of useful items is also
available so the game is a bit different than other games of similar
type. If you liked the movie you will most definitely like the game.

Review 2:

Well... don't we all like to play one of those stupid little Action-Games
that don't make much sense sometimes? Just run around and kill 'em -
um... I'm sure there's someone to rescue or anything like that, but I
can't say I would have the slightest idea of the background-story behind
this one. I've never been able to see one of those Rambo-movies - to be
honest I turned off my TV after 5 minutes or so since I just didn't see
the point in it. But anyway - this game is really playable - at least for
half an hour or so. And if anyone can tell me why the enemies start
spinning around once Rambo killed them - please let me know. Just don't
take this serious and it can be fun.

Review 3:

One of Taito's best games, Rambo III is a fun top-down action game that
is very faithful to the testosterone-filled movie it was based on. In
case you have missed the movie (lucky you), here is a brief plot: our
beefy commando John Rambo is forced to leave his --err-- meditation in a
monastery in Southeast Asia (uh huh, sure) to rescue his handler Richard
Crenna from the Russians. The action takes place in a jungle deep within
Afghanistans, where Rambo enlists the help of Afghan Freedom Fighters to
lead him to the Russian base. But Rambo, being human like the rest of us
(ugh), fell into a trap and was captured. The action then begins with our
hero about to prove, once again, that one beefy commando can dispose of
enemies in approximately 1.5 minutes each.... Although it looks similar
to dozens of other action games you have played before, the more you play
the game, the more you realize that it has a lot of neat subtleties and
detail that sets it apart. For starters, you have at your disposal not
only a wide variety of weapons (which include bow and bomb arrow, knife,
rifle, and time bombs), but also a lot of realistically useful items. For
instance, you can attach a silencer to your gun to snipe away at enemies
without alerting the whole camp to your presence. You will also find an
IR goggles (which won't operate without a battery) that is useful for
seeing IR beams (that trigger alarms) and nigh vision. The levels are
well thought out, with enough new surprises and scenery to keep you
captivated. The level where you get to shoot down a giant Russian chopper
is particularly entertaining (yes, it didn't all begin with Half-Life),
as well as the building where you must break in to rescue the hostage.
Overall, Rambo III is a very entertaining game that has just about the
right difficulty level for an average gamer. It's not Metal Gear in terms
of novelty and intuitive interface, but it is definitely one of the best
games based on movie licenses. Recommended!

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