Copyright: © 1987 Mastertronic
Genre: Puzzle games

Puzzle games

In this novel puzzle game, you must maneuver MSB, a maintenance droid,
around the damaged ship Rasterscan to avert the impending crash with a
nearby star. MSB must solve numerous logic puzzles to gain access to
other areas of the ship. Most logic puzzles involve eight blocks arranged
in an octagon, in which you have to swap the colours about until all of
them are yellow. It's nowhere near as easy as it sounds, and once you've
started the puzzle, you can't exit from it until you've finished. The
digitised graphics may be impressive, and the music really increases the
sense of loneliness, but most of the puzzles give Rubik's cube a run for
its money. Don't be fooled by the game's simplistic controls and small
size: it contains enough devious puzzles to stump you for a while.

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