Red Storm Rising

Copyright: © 1988 Microprose Software Inc
Genre: Simulations


Red Storm Rising
Review 1:
Not MicroProse's finest hour, but a great game nonetheless. This game is
definitely neither a "realistic" nor "deep" sub sim (compared with, say,
688 Attack Sub), but that's not what it is meant to be: this is a fun
strategy game with lots of political intrigue, great atmosphere, and some
adventure elements thrown in. There were a vast number of campaign
missions and, if repeated, they were always random in location as well as
types of ships involved, a truly dynamic campaign. Subsim skippers are
never satisfied with "canned" missions and this contributed to the
success RSR enjoyed. Some missions include only submarines, others
include only a surface convoy, others include a surface task force (with
carriers), and others with both ships and subs. Helicopters with sonar
dipping equipment and sonar buoys add much to the turmoil. With the most
challenging settings, events get so complex, and events occur so quickly,
that having two people at the keyboard is a great help, and for
beginners, almost a necessity (plus it is more fun). Trying to identify
ships with signature analysis, running from incoming torpedoes, launching
noise makers and decoys, dealing with several of your own wire-guided
fish, and launching Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles makes for a very busy
captain. Overall, a great submarine simulator that's still being played
today. Highly recommended!

Review 2:

Red Storm Rising contains a lot of stuff for a submarine simulation game.
The game is set underwater as you may noticed. At hte beginning of the
game you have a lot of options to play. There are different time settings
between 1984 and 1996. You can choose over 10 submarines and combats.
While playing the game a bit, I noticed that almost every key has a
function. So be prepared. Nice thing of this game is that there is a save

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