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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Seawolf is a decent BASIC game released by IPCO, the first PC
publication, way back in 1982. You are the captain of a submarine who is
given one minute to try and destroy as many PT boats, submarines, and oil
tankers as possible. Seawolf uses ASCII characters for its "graphics,"
but they are surprisingly adequate for the gameplay. The torpedo sight is
at the bottom of the screen and you can fire one torpedo at a time at the
enemy ships which zip past at the top of the screen at varying speeds. If
you like Missile Command-style arcade games, you might enjoy this
competently coded oldie that unfortunately doesn't stand the test of time
very well - mostly because its primitive, simplistic gameplay has been
done many times better - before and after its existence. Worth a look for
nostalgia/historical value, but not at all as a classic game.

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