Sim City

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Genre: Simulations

Sim City
Review 1:
Being a mayor is not an easy job. Deciding on building new residental
areas, industrial zones, commercial buildings, airports, entertainment
for the citizens... All this has to be done along with funding the police
force, providing medical care and city transport. Are you up to the task?
Play this game and find out! In this business/management simulation, you
play a virtual mayor of a city that is about to be built. You start with
a certain amount of money which you have to invest and build what I
listed above... and not just that. Every building requires both water and
electricity as well as road access. As your city grows you will be
getting more and more money to invest in city expansion, parks,
stadiums... Aside from that, financial aspect must be taken care of as
well. How high will the taxes be? How much will you pay the police and
firemen? Hard decisions... Sim City is a legend that started a new genre
in computer gaming. Do I even have to say that?

Review 2:

Well, this one is famous. The biggest and best city simulator of all
times. Build a city, get more money and go on with building. This game is
a living legend I must say.

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