Space Miner

Copyright: © 1983 Freeware
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Space Miner
Such a nice game and they even got the graphics looking quite alright for
CGA. Space Miner is a game that definitely stands out of the crowd of the
early space shooter games. You fly your little ship to collect asteroids,
minerals, comets and have to fight off the aliens. Doing this you also
have to have an eye on your fule which can get low pretty soon if you are
flying around wildly - trust me, you wouldn't want to run out of fuel and
only hope and pray that your missiles will be enough to fight off the
aliens until you get hold of some minerals your ship is able to produce
fuel from! I really enjoyed this early game, they got a good sense humor
packed into this as you will see looking at the aliens. The mothership
that picks you up at the end of each level (if you make it...) looks like
a mixture between the USS Enterprise and a vacuum cleaner for example -
funny. I can really recommend this to EVERYONE - you don't need to be a
very nostalgic person as I didn't even realize the graphics were only CGA
- they just fit into this gem. And the best of all - you don't even need
a slowdown-utility!

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