Stained Glass

Copyright: © 1998 Brewster And Brewster
Genre: Puzzle games

Puzzle games

Stained Glass
Stained Glass is a wonderful and original shareware card game that was
the inspiration behind Nick Schlott's Tesserae, a commercial game
published by GameTek in 1991 that features VGA graphics but same
concepts. J. Michael Ambrosio's review says it all: "Stained Glass is a
kaleidoscopic cross between checkers and a jump-the-pegs game. You start
out with a playing field full of colored tiles. The tiles must be jumped
over one another, with the jumped tiles being removed one by one until
you get down to only one tile. But there's a catch: you can only jump a
red tile over a color that contains red (like red, orange, or purple),
and so on for the other colors. The result is a mind-boggling puzzle that
has you calculating not only angles, but color combinations as well.
Stained Glass is unique... in that it uses color as an integral part of
the game play, not just as a design element. It definitely qualifies as a
cool text-mode game, and its author, Kent Brewster, is a pretty cool guy
himself. Not only did he invent a unique and challenging game, but he is
also a Hugo and Nebula-nominated science fiction author and publisher.
His web site is definitely worth a visit."

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