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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Stargate, later marketed as Defender II, is a little-known sequel to
Defender. The game added a few elements to the Defender gameplay
including the inviso, some new enemies, and the stargate. The stargate
gave you a quick escape route, and allowed the really skilled player a
chance to get huge bonus points by flying into the gate with humanoids in
tow. If you manage to bring in more than four, you will warp four waves
forward. The inviso makes you invisible for as long as you hold the
button down (and as long as you have any left) and also allows you to
destroy any enemy you fly through with no damage to you. Although the
gameplay remains as addictive as ever, I found Stargate harder to control
than Defender. Doubtless this is due to the addition of new features like
the inviso which require key presses to activate, but it still doesn't
feel very intuitive. Keeping the keys pressed also gets tiresome after a
while - but maybe I'm just not a good enough arcade player to feel
accustomed to it. It is still arguably better than the old method in
Defender which requires you to fly out of the playing field entirely to
activate secondary weapons. If you enjoy the original, you will probably
like this sequel too. It just doesn't grab me the way Defender does.

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