Copyright: © 1983 Windmill Software
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Another excellent classic from Windmill Software, Styx is an enhanced
clone of Taito’s Qix that allows diagonal drawing. For anyone who is
unfamiliar with the Taito classic, here’s the basic scoop: you play a
marker, who has the ability to draw Stix. To claim the field, you need to
use the Stix and draw squares and rectangles that connect to the outer
wall or other rectangles. Once you start a rectangle, you can't stop
until it's done, or the Fuse will come up and get you. When you make a
complete shape, a pattern fills it, signaling your claim. To pass the
level, you need to claim 65% of the field. Other enemies plague you,
including Sparx that follow the lines and try to shock you, and the
always moving Qix, the helix that'll fry you if it touches an uncomplete
rectangle. More than any other Windmill Software games, Styx is a very
faithful clone of the arcade original that Qix fans will immediately
recognize. Needless to say, the ability to draw Stix in diagonal
direction makes the gameplay more interesting—although not necessarily
easier since the Sparx are also more numerous and move much faster.
Overall, a great classic that is highly recommended for Qix fans.

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