Copyright: © 1998 Apogee Software Ltd
Genre: Adventure


Scott Miller's Beyond The Titanic and Supernova are two atmospheric,
well-written IF that have sadly been ignored by the gaming public,
perhaps due to the fact that their publisher Apogee is better known as an
action game publishing house. Which is a shame, because besides being the
very first games Apogee released, they are well-written games with a good
parser, in-game help function, and logical puzzles. I also remember these
games as being among the first IF to incorporate sound effects and
effective use of colored text. In Beyond The Titanic you're a hapless
passenger trying to escape from that ship of doom, while Supernova casts
you as a poor miner on a remote space mining colony about to embark on a
strange adventure. To their credit, Apogee released both games as
freeware in March 1998, although they couldn't find a way to make the
games savable to hard drive-- so you still need a floppy to save games.

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