Tag Team Wrestling

Copyright: © 1986 US Gold
Genre: Sports

Tag Team Wrestling
A decent conversion of the arcade game, Tag Team Wrestling, which itself
was only an average game. Nothing really sets the game apart from other
wrestling games, although it was one of the first. The controls are a bit
awkward but workable, but the opponents are very repetitive (you can win
the matches doing more or less the same moves). Graphics is very poor,
and it's not because of CGA limitations -- other games such as Tau Ceti
and Alley Cat are much less grainy.Your goal is to win enough matches (35
to be exact) to become the Super Champions of the World Wrestling
Foundation. A nice feature is the energy bar, which can be depleted once
you are pinned to the floor. Strangely though, it can be regained simply
by pressing a button repeatedly. Your partner is also quite incompetent
most of the time, so playing with a friend is much better. Overall, an
average wrestling game that's nostalgic, but not much else.

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