Temple Of Apshai Trilogy

Copyright: © 1985 Epyx
Genre: Role playing games

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Temple of Apshai Trilogy
Review 1:
Temple of Apshai Trilogy is very similar to the classic dungeon crawler
Rogue. This game does offer additional features and improved graphics but
still very similar things like seen in Rogue. What the game doesn’t
include is a good story which means it seems rather pointless wandering
around in the different dungeons as you can’t live you that much into the
game then. The actual game starts by that you create your character (not
with that many options), buy your equipment and then visit the different
places you can go to. Most of the places you can go to are fairly small
and you quickly get tired of fighting the same monsters over and over –
especially when they are particular exciting to look at either. Overall a
game not as good as Rogue but if you are a fan of the roleplay genre it’s
still nice to see how one of the first roleplay/dungeon crawler games was
like as these old games actually offered many of the same things as
today’s roleplay games – even if it doesn’t look like it at first. But in
the end not a recommended game.

Review 2:

One of the earliest pioneers in the RPG genre (the first entry
Dunjonquest, was released in 1982!), Epyx' Temples of Apshai Trilogy are
semi-fun dungeon hack RPGs with an almost nonexistent plot but high
playability quotient. Best described as the graphical version of Rogue,
you play a lone adventurer who is exploring the ruins of the temples of
Apshai, looking for treasures and ways to build up your stats. The game
is played from a top-down perspective, with more than adequate graphics.
Although the game is a spiritual descendant of Rogue, there aren't nearly
as many weapons to wield and monsters to kill, and the dungeons look very
much the same after a while. Recommended only for anyone who's interested
in the history of RPGs, although the (older, and more primitive-looking)
Rogue is ten times more fun and replayable.

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