Tie Break

Copyright: © 1990 Starbyte
Genre: Sports

Tie-Break is a fun top-down view tennis game by Starbyte. Quite
addictive, and the only tennis game I know that uses a top-down view--
very unusual for its genre. There are many options in addition to fluid
gameplay. You can play on grass, clay, or indoor courts. You can play
singles or doubles, and select to play in all the major tournaments such
as Wimbledon, Davis Cup, French Open, and many more. Controls are very
intuitive, although complex balls such as spins are difficult to execute.
The top-down view also makes judging the ball's trajectory a bit
difficult, although you'll eventually get used to it. Overall, a fun
tennis game that fans should definitely take a look, not least because of
its unusual view. Recommended!

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