Copyright: © 1989 Sublogic
Genre: Simulations


One of the most unique flight sims ever made, UFO lets you pilot a flying
saucer from outer space (although the picture on the box cover looks more
like a stealth fighter to me). The game description on MobyGames says it
all about this intriguing title that unfortunately looks better on paper:
"Using the 3D terrain modelling system designed for Bruce Artwick's
famous Flight Simulator series, subLOGIC created a whole new flight
simulator - UFO. You control a UFO (with controls unlike those in any
earthly vehicle), careening and skidding around the earth under the power
of standard thrusters or a gluon disruptor propulsion system, avoiding
detection by humans (you can use your translucer to become
radar-invisible), in a search for fuel for your species' galactic ships.
You can return to your mother ship and trade your scavenged fuel for
additional supplies. (Your mother-ship docking tractor beam can also be
used to capture earthly aircraft... hmmm...) The controls are akin to
(but different from) a helicopter's. You can control the amount of
anti-gravity; you can pitch, roll, and yaw; you can thrust back and
forth, up and down, and side to side. (Thrusting up and down is
preferable to the less precise use of antigravity - important while
docking.) For advanced flying, it is possible to use anti-laminar
transducers to completely eliminate drag (important to keep your hull
from overheating), and use the aforementioned gluon devices to "fly"
forwards (but watch out for spinout!) There are other options available,
including landing pods, illuminator beams, probes, gravitons, shields,
teleportation. UFO is also compatible with the subLogic Scenery Disks."
When the novelty wears out and after you have fiddled with all the
options, UFO becomes a more or less standard flight simulator that is
just a bit harder to get a hang of than earthly vehicles. It's still
quite a lot of fun, though, and the conjectures and assumptions subLOGIC
uses for the physics model are quite impressive and reasonably realistic.

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