Ultima 6 The False Prophet

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Role playing games

Ultima 6: The False Prophet
Huge. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of Ultima 6. This
game was the one that opened the doors for all the brilliant RPG's of
today. One thing, you do not need to have played the first 5 Ultimas to
play this one. I'm sure it would maybe make to game richer, but I didn't
and never noticed. The first thing that you'll probably see and that is
quite original in the game is the character creation. You don't generate
numbers for certain attributes. Instead you have to answer certain
questions by a gypsy that will define what kind of character you will
get. Once the questions are answered you jump into the intro of the game
and after that straight into combat! Even though the points do matter
throughout the game, you still choose your path yourself so it you want
to be a magic user, just get a spell book or if you want a conan-style
fighter, you're free to use all kinds of weapons. This was probably the
most beautiful game of it's time with 256 color graphics and full, unique
portraits for each and every person in the game, even the spell had
brilliant effects. The game is played in a top-down isometric view that
takes up the left half of the screen while the rest of the screen space
is used for the inventory, the talking interface and the action buttons.
The game is simply brilliant. You can interact with anything that is
there; Move chairs around, play the musical instruments, ride in the
boats and ships, and even ride on horses to get around faster. The
attention to detail is simply amazing and all of this done with a simple
move, get, use interface. In the game you can pretty much do whatever you
want. You are not kept from doing anything or going anywhere and can be
any kind of Avatar you choose to be. All the NPC's in the game have their
own lives and personalities which give the game a very rich atmosphere.
They all go to sleep at night and go to work during the day. You talk to
them by repeating certain words that appear highlighted as they speak or
by stating certain set words like 'Name', 'Job' and 'Join'. Sometimes one
NPC will give you a hint of what to say to another to keep the quests
going. And talking about quests, damn there are many. In every town
you'll get at least one mystery to solve or a guild to join, etc... The
world is absolutely massive. I've spent hours just walking around to try
and find interesting and hidden spots (and there are loads!). Pretty much
every mountain has an entrance to a dungeon or two which will get you
loads of baddies to terminate and gold to pick up, not to mention all the
interesting items (magical and normal) that you can find by going through
them. There are also spots outside the dungeons where enemies will just
appear so you never run out of action and items to pick up. A quick
mention of the music/sound in the game: I only had a PC speaker when I
originally played the game, so the nice and soothing adlib sounds that
sprung up when I loaded the game in dosbox came as quite a pleasant
surprise. I haven't replayed the game long enough to hear all the songs
in the game but so far there is quite a variety and I haven't gotten
tired of one yet. To sum it all up, this is one that can't be missed by
any RPG fan. It is one of the riches RPG's even to this day and even the
graphics have aged well. The manual is included in the download which you
need to answer Lord British’s questions in the beginning (Copy
Protection). Try and find the map of the world on the net - it will
definitely help, and always write down the location of an
interesting/necessary spot with a sextant or spell as there are so many
you'll soon forget how to get there. Happy adventuring!

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