Ultima 8 Pagan

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Genre: Role playing games

Role playing games

Ultima 8: Pagan
ULTIMA 8: PAGAN is a adventure/role-playing game where you play the part
of the Avatar. Avatar is the character you have been playing since Ultima
I. This time, however, you are suddenly thrown into the evil Guardian's
world. The Guardian's world is a desolated place where you are completely
alone and have no idea as to where to go or what to do. Ultima 8 is
different from previous Ultimas due to real time combat and playing (such
as in Diablo), "obstacle courses", climbing and jumping. You also cannot
have a party like in earlier Ultima games. You are always alone. The
music in this game underlines the overall atmosphere, which is dark and
mysterious. It is one of the best made music scores and backgrounds for
the games of that time. Controls are completely mouse driven, and need
some practice, but it is not hard to master them after learning the

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