Ultima Underworld 2 Labyrinth Of Worlds

Copyright: © 1992 Origin
Genre: Role playing games

Role playing games

Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds
It's been a year since you defeated the Guardian, and Lord British has
invited you to celebrate the reconstruction of Britannia. However, the
next morning, Castle Brittania has been covered with a magical black dome
by the Guardian. You are the Avatar, and must destroy each of the layers
of rock in Britannia's Underworld to restore peace. The game is very fun
to play, and is very similar to UW1. If you've played the first one
(availiable on Abandonia) then I reccomend you play this one. The only
thing I could find wrong with this game was the interface. Unlike UW1,
the buttons are at the bottom of the screen. If you're like me, and have
played UW1 every year since you got it (pathetic, I know), you might find
it a bit annoying. Overall, it's a brilliant RPG that should be in
anyone's collection.

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