V For Victory Utah Beach

Copyright: © 1993 Atomic Games
Genre: Strategy games

Strategy games

V for Victory: Utah Beach
The company's blurb, in contrast to normal hyperbole, is an accurate
description of these games: "The V for Victory series sets a new standard
for computer wargames. It is the most complete, accurate, and realistic
simulation of large scale WWII ground combat ever produced. Yet V for
Victory is remarkably easy to learn and play." Great AI, interface, and
plenty of units and historical variants make these Atomic Games'
breakthrough games and designer Keith Zabalaoui a household name in
wargaming. Must-haves for every wargamer's arsenal. Atomic's description
of the Utah Beach, first game in this series: The enemy lurks in the
swampy marshes and the claustrophobic hedgerows of Normandy - but where?
Where will he strike? Where is he weak? Can you turn his mistakes to your
advantage? V for Victory: Utah Beach thrusts you into the role of a
military strategist during the Normandy invasion of WWII. As the American
commander, you must overcome strong German resistance to occupy the
Cotentin peninsula and the vital port facilities at Cherborg. Or, as the
German Commander, you must defend Cherborg and driver the Americans back
into the sea.

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