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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

3D shooters of the old kind were known for having somewhat constructed
game stories. But this one beats them all. Obviously Motivetime thought:
"Let's make a 3D shooter with a rock'n roll hero and cool rock'n roll
music!" But then they face a tough question: in what context should such
a game take place and would still make sense... Probably a little rock'n
rolling gang fight? No! Motivetime had the glory idea to simply let their
rock'n roll hero play in a virtual reality computer game which happens to
be the game Virtuoso. Whooo, so you are actually playing a computer game
in which the hero is playing a computer game. And so Motivetime were able
to put their rock'n roll hero in all kinds of absurd scenarios... Ok, the
story is stupid. The game? Not much better. A simple 3D shooter, very
Doom-like, just with boring levels, worse graphics and hardly any new
ideas. One of the few positive things to mention is the nice music and
the average till good sound effects. This is the floppy version of the
game that doesn't include the terrible CD music tracks. This game is not
cracked, so be sure to get the near complete copy protection answers list

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