Copyright: © 1988 Rainbird
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

This game is the perfect answer to the question: what happens when you
lock the designer of Eliteseries and future designer of Transport Tycoon
in the same room? Virus is a furious and addictive action game that, like
its designers, exudes creative gameplay unlike any other game you have
seen. The premise is simple: pilot a polygonal spacecraft to destroy
everything in sight. Levels get difficult quickly, but the robust
graphics engine borrowed from Elite Plus makes up for eveything. I
recommend playing this game with a mouse, since its control method is
excellent. Be warned, though: the game i is very difficult. Don't expect
to finish the game unless you are very confident of your reflexes ;)
Also, check out the superior 1998 sequel V2000, also on this site.

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