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Genre: Simulations


Review 1:
Quite a nice and fun F1-Racing game, wich is not so realistic. In the
game you can choose between Arcade, Training and Championship. Although
the game is simple and easy to play, it is not such a good racing game.

Review 2:

Vroom is a racing game. It has bright colourful graphics and endeavours
to be more fun than a true simulation of F1 racing. The physics model is
a bit strange; it's possible to take corners almost perfectlt at 100mph
with a minimum effort - but all this does is add to the fun and thrill of
high speed racing. I just love the game.

Review 3:

Race over tracks with your F1 car. The game can be played in simulation
mode, or just have fun and drive across the tracks in arcade mode. You
can play the game over the network. Graphics are good as is the fast

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