Walls Of Rome

Copyright: © 1993 Mindcraft
Genre: Strategy games

Strategy games

Walls of Rome
Last and arguably best in Mindcraft's short-lived series of tactical
wargames that began with Siege, Wall of Rome is another step up from the
much-improved Ambush at Sorinor. This time, fantasy units have been
replaced by historical units from the ancient Roman era. This historical
setting arguably makes the game more fun to play, as you can try out
hypothetical scenarios such as pitting the Celts against the Greeks. The
game mechanics are essentially the same as the previous two games,
although the computer seems more competent at defending its castle this
time around. The bottom line is: if you like Siege or Ambush at Sorinor,
you will probably like Walls of Rome. If you don't, there's nothing here
that will change your mind, except perhaps the excellent period
soundtrack that really fits in with the game.

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