Warlords 2

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Warlords 2
Review 1:
I've spent sleepless nights with this one back in 1994. All those
quests...conquests...heroes... Ok, here's what it's all about - You will
be given a city, a hero and a random army. Your goal - conquer all the
others (maps with even 100 cities or more!) using hundreds of different
units and heroes. What I always liked about this one were the special
quests that could earn me magic items and other useful stuff. Who ever
played this game knows how great it is.

Review 2:

Based a lot on the first game in the series Warlords 2 takes off where
Warlords 1 left. It's still possible to play as 8 players and the races
are also the same. A lot of new units are included as well as upgrades to
the old ones. You still start the game the same way but in Warlords 2
there is now the option for almost unlimited gameplay as there are now
several new scenarios included as well as the option to create random
maps affected by own settings as you can decide how big a percentage that
should include water, mountains etc. I really like this feature because
if you want to play a scenario with a lot of sea battles or just want to
use as many ships as possible you just turn up the percentage of water.
The AI has also been improved a lot and if you are looking for the
ultimate challenge you should try and choose the hardest levels for all
opponents. It will feel like almost playing against 7 very experienced
Warlords 2 human players. Note that you can also disable opponents so if
you wanted to you could play against only one other opponent. I
personally think that is a bit boring since you might be placed at each
side of the map and it will take a lot of time before you will meet each
other. As mentioned the units have been upgraded but so has the graphics,
interface (while it hasn't changed that much) and the overall speed of
the game. All of them good improvements compared to the first game in the
series. A nice little detail is a guy that is featured both at the start
of the game or if you are doing very well. His voice and the overall
atmosphere when he appear is well done and a nice addition to the game
compared to Warlords 1 that could be a bit dull once in a while. Another
nice addition is that player created scenarios can be imported into the
game so you could actually play the map from Warlords 1 or maps based on
both Lord of the Rings and Dragonlance. If you search enough for it it's
even possible to replace units with things from Star Wars if you wants
to. Of course that could be a bit extreme. Finally you can save a map if
you really like how it looks (only with random generated maps of course).
Overall Warlords 2 is a worthy sequel offering a lot of new things but at
the same type staying within the original game engine.

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