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Review 1:
The prequel and a good warm up for a true masterpiece made 3 years later
(I am talking about Warlords 2). Heroes, castles, quests and conquests,
dungeons and dragons (and other monsters as well). A good strategy game
for all middle-ages fans.

Review 2:

One of the best strategy games ever made for the Amiga. Later on SSG also
made a PC version that received the same amount of attention and even
today Warlords has the quality to compete with more modern turn-based
games. The game is taking place in a fantasy world including Humans,
Elves, Dwarfs, Demons, Dragons and many more units. There is only one
land you can play the game in offering both areas with hills, mountains,
forest, swamps and plain land. Because of these different territories the
8 different races you can play as are also placed at the same spot every
time. That isn't a bad thing in my opinion though as it's logical (at
least for me) that the Elves are placed in the forest, Hill Giants in the
hills, Orcs in the swamps and Sea Elves at the sea. Once you have decided
on what race you want to start as (note this is not an actual race as it
will only affect a little area where you start) you start the game with
one city and a hero. A hero can as seen in many other games do special
things such as seeking quests, gain experience and a few other good
things. When he enters a ruin or temple 3 things can happen. He will get
the opportunity to get blessed that will make him stronger, allies will
join him (dragons, demons etc.) or he will encounter a foe and if he wins
he will get either some gold or an item. The items can be very different
and some of them can be very useful. Both items that increase your
strength but also some that will increase your speed or make it possible
to fly. In your cities you can create different units, often based in
what area they are located, and you can also upgrade the towers in each
city as well as paying extra to be able to create new units in the city.
Furthermore you can also destroy cities which is a good tactic if you
know that you can't defend the city anyway and don't need it yourself.
You can play up to 8 human players and but of course also less and then
just let the computer control the rest. The game is over once one of the
players have captured all cities in the game but if you are playing alone
against 7 opponents control by the computer they may surrender before
although you can reject their offer and the game will then continue.
Overall a great strategy game and you won't be disappointed.

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