Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2

Copyright: © 1990 Bethesda Softworks
Genre: Sports

Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2
A better sequel to Bethesda's classic Wayne Gretsky Hockey, WGH2 takes
the innovative hockey sim to the next level with much sharper graphics,
more player options, and even the ability to integrate seamlessly with
Bethesda's die-hard hockey management sim Hockey League Simulator for
more realistic coaching options. Graphics is now isometric, and player
animations are very smooth. Gone are the jagged players that recall
Konami's Blade of Steel, and the new sound effects are excellent.
Computer player seems to be even better than WGH at offensive play and
penalty killing, and there are many more teams and players to choose
from. If you love WGH, you'll be hopelessly addicted with WGH2. Be
warned, though: the game is VERY fiddly on new systems, and due to
unconventional video modes, you might not be able to run it at all, even
in DOS mode.

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