Wing Commander - Armada

Copyright: © 1993 Origin Systems
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Wing Commander: Armada
Wing Commander: Armada is Origin's answer to the wishes of many Wing
Commander fans: the blend of multi-player head-to-head action and
strategic elements in the race to conquer the galaxy. Beginning with just
a single carrier in an unknown part of the universe, each player must
explore the system, seeking planets rich in resources with which to build
either a mining station, a defense fortress, or a ship construction
facility. The player mines materials from planets, transports stockpiles
by cargo ships or redirects materials for use in the current planet's
shipyards. Resources gathered for constructing new spacecraft continue
the cycle of exploration and combat as each player strives to build and
maintain a fleet to take and hold territories. The universe is randomly
generated each game, allowing for an infinite variety of paths to reach
that final showdown. The multi-player aspect of the game includes three
different options: modem, network and a new split screen view that allows
two players to compete on the same computer (i.e. "hot-seating"). New
features include the "Invisible Cockpit" that gives the player a larger
viewing area, actual 3D shields that protect your ship, an intuitive
"Starmap" navigation/deployment interface, and a "TauntMaker" option that
lets user customize digital taunts with other players. The game also
boasts an improved 3D engine, with fully textured, light-sourced shaded
spaceships. Finally, it's also the first Wing Commander game that offers
you a chance to play the formidable Kilrathi. Overall, it's a great
addition to the famous series that appeals equally to action gamers who
like some planning in their game, and strategy gamers who don't mind some
arcade skirmishes.

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