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Genre: Simulations


Mediocre WWII naval combat simulation, Wolfpack offers you the command of
German U-boats, US destroyers, freighters and tankers. Good graphics for
its time can't hide many glaring omissions that are prerequisite for
great sub sims, such as career mode. Wolfpack does feature an intuitive
mouse-driven interface, a decent mission builder, and twelve built-in
scenarios, all with interesting objectives. After a few minutes, even
casual naval commanders will notice that the game's realism and options
are sorely lacking-- especially when compared to similar games like
MicroProse's classic Silent Service II or Das Boot. A step forward in
graphics, a step backward in gameplay. Try this one only if you're a
casual-- VERY casual -- fan of submarine sims and don't mind historical
inaccuracies and illogical logistics.

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