Copyright: © 1993 Epic Megagames Inc
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

One of Epic Megagames' most obscure shareware titles, Xargon is a fun
scrolling arcade/adventure game base on the same engine as its much more
popular cousin Jill of the Jungle. As the official description goes, your
goal: "...is to guide Malvineous through dangerous lands filled with
hazardous enemies. You must find three power objects in each volume and
use their magical powers if you ever hope to get out alive! In volume 1
you must find and destroy one of Xargon's main reactors. In volume 2 you
must find the "Secret Chamber" here Tinia's Lyre is hidden. In volume
three you confront the powerful and evil Xargon himself." Gameplay is
standard side-scrolling action that fans of Epic's other games wil be
familiar with. In many ways, though, Xargon is a better game than Jill of
the Jungle. In addition to some really cool (and creative) enemies,
levels, and power-ups, Xargon features a nice overhead map you use to
explore the land. When you enter a location (such as a cave, city, etc.),
the game shifts to the normal 2D side-scrolling mode. In addition to
providing a nice respite from combat and place all the platform levels in
a logical geographical context, the overhead map also serves as the venue
for plot advancement: from time to time, a text-box will pop up when you
reach a certain location, describing story developments. Anyone who
enjoys Jill of the Jungle and Jazz Jackrabbit will find Xargon an
enjoyable game that is also much longer than an average Epic platformer.
Strangely enough, it was not included in Epic's catalog of oldies they
still sell at Epic Classics site, although the official game pages are
still up. So, download the registered version here :)

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