Copyright: © 1988 Bitmap Brothers
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
Xenon was the first game from Bitmap Brothers, a classic vertical shooter
that immediately put the small UK outfit on the map. Excellent graphics,
catchy soundtrack, and gameplay turned the game into best-seller on
Commodore 64 and Amiga systems, although the PC version much less well
received. Like all great SHMUPs, Xenon features smooth controls,
well-designed and varied enemy ships , plenty of power-ups, and nonstop
action. One neat feature is the ability to change your vehicle from a
flying ship to a ground-based tank at any time. This introduces a nice
layer of strategy of deciding when to switch your vehicle, because you
can only shoot some enemies in the air, and some directly from the
ground. Graphically, Xenon was one of the best-looking in its day, and
stands the test of time quite well. Similarly, music and sounds are
top-notch - there is even some speech their age a little but the
explosions and music are good throughout with even a little speech thrown
in (reminiscent of the announcer in Silpheed). I also feel that the
difficulty is just right... something that can't be said with most
shooters nowadays. With excellent graphics, sounds, and frantic nonstop
gameplay, Xenon is a great start to the career of Bitmap Brothers, and a
welcome addition to every SHMUP fan's library. And if you like this game,
check out the superior sequel Xenon 2.

Review 2:

In this spaceshooter-like game you can transform into a tank or a
spaceship. You have to eliminate all things on your way. The original
idea of transforming gives this game something extra to the genre!

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