Zool 2

Copyright: © 1993 Gremlin Interactive Ltd
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Zool 2
Zool and Zool 2 are above-average 2D platformers from Gremlin that are
quite obviously ri....err, I mean, 'inspired' by SEGA's best-selling
Sonic games. Instead of the quirky hedgehog, you control a
similar-looking cartoon character: Zool, the 'Ninja from the Nth
Dimension' who must (what else) rid his world of an evil mastermind. Your
goal for each stage is simply to collect goodies and beat the boss
monster to progress. Although the premise is passable and the graphics
are quite nice, both Zool games are unfortunately very repetitive:
despite having a good number of levels (18 stages spanning 6 worlds), the
levels don't look very different from each other. Nowhere near as
imaginative as Shiny's Earthworm Jim, for example, although the monsters
are quite imaginative. The games do have some neat power-ups (including
one that gives you a doppledanger who'll replicate your actions a few
seconds behind), and nice variety in Zool are three hidden sidescrolling
shoot-em-up bonus games, although they are very difficult and almost
impossible to find. Zool 2 is a much better and more varied game because
you can control Zool's female sidekick named Zooz, who can break grounds
beneath her while Zool can only break ceilings above his head. This means
there are 2 completely different paths you can take to finish the game,
so the game is worth replaying at least once. They are also quite
difficult games, but fortunately you can change the difficulty level to
make life easier. Overall, I find Zool games little more than a
better-than-average title despite some nice ideas. They are decent
Sonic-style games, but without the 'just one more level' quality. Worth a
look if you like cartoon-style platformers, but they are no top in my

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