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Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action

Review 1:
Like to play Prince Of Persia? Then you will love playing this game as
well. The whole game and interface is based on the same as seen in Prince
of Persia. The movements are the same, but the graphics have been spiced
up a bit, and of course the game got it's own environment as well.
Especially Zorro (you) and the soldiers you meet on the way are quite
detailed and the surroundings fit well to the rest of the game. You
control the famous Zorro, and you will have to avoid many different traps
while fighting enemy soldiers with your sword. You can use a whip on your
way that will come in handy more than just a few times. I consider this
game very difficult and you will have to try many times just before you
know which way to go. And when you have to concentrate on fighting
soldiers at the same you are up against quite a challenge. In this way
it's not similar to Prince of Persia since is not that easy to figure out
where to jump to and where there might be possible traps. Overall a good
game, and the atmosphere in the game is very well implemented within the
game. It would have been nice if the developers had put a little more
effort into the background of the game as you just start the game in a
cave you have to get out off. At least there is a story with a few cut
scenes in a game like Prince of Persia and that's why I wouldn't rate it
as good as that one. Still really worth a try and especially if you are a
fan of the above mentioned game.

Review 2:

Zorro is yet another lackluster game by Capstone that wasted the
opportunity to leverage a well-known literary figure, in this case the
handsome renegade Spanish hero. In this outing, you must help Zorro
navigate the California wilderness as he races to stop the evil Don
Cortez from discovering an ancient treasure. The best way to describe the
game is probably to call it "Prince of Persia without the finesse": the
game clearly was 'inspired' by Jordan Mechner's classic, but it has
neither the excellent controls of the Arabian prince, nor the devious
level design. Zorro comes equipped with a whip and a sword, but the
controls are so irresponsive it's almost impossible to use the sword
effectively. You can barely block the enemies, and sometimes even the
most simple stabbing requires repeated keystrokes. Fortunately, you can
use the whip instead, which is not only more effective than the sword,
but also elicit funny responses in the game (for example, you can drop
the enemies' pants by whipping them from a distance). The graphics are
drab compared to Prince of Persia, with most of the palette dominated by
different shades of brown and black. The CD-ROM includes clips from the
Zorro movie, but they are quite grainy and not quite related to the
game's plot. Overall, fans of the masked hero in black will have to wait
for a game that truly captures the hero's daring exploits -- this
below-average game isn't it. And if you're interested in the film clips,
ask your nearest video store instead.

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