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Heavy Metal

Copyright: © 1989 Access Software Inc
Genre: Arcade action

Arcade action Heavy Metal Good conversion of Access Software's C64 oldie Heavy Metal. The game covers three different combat vehicles, recreated in three different action games. All three are military shoot'em ups - Access style. There's a "Main Battle Tank" sequence with a pseudo-simulation touch. A so-called "Fast Attack Vehicle" scene, which is pretty much a dodge and shoot racing game. And last but not least an "Air Defence Anti Tank" sequence, where you've got to engage waves of enemy fighters and tanks with missiles and gun-fire. Once qualified for higher orders, the game also offers a tactical part - nothing too exciting, though. Overall a nice game, but don't expect anything simulation-like. It's a pure action game. Start the game with CRACK.EXE after unzipping the crack into the Heavy Metal directory.

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