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Alone In The Dark

Copyright: © 1992 Interplay
Genre: Adventure

Adventure Alone in the Dark This is one of the true classics. Before I start reviewing it any further I must say something about it's graphics. All the backgrounds were hand-drawn and they give the complete game a specific atmosphere. Complete game uses a kind of a 3D graphics that were never seen before. Also, Alone in the Dark was the first game ever that used different camera angles (the style that was used in many other games, such as Tomb raider, Resident evil...). Graphics are simply - terrific! Sound in the game fits the atmosphere like nothing I've seen before. The chills of the unknown are incredible. The creeps that you feel when a monster steps into the room, or when one of those beasts jumps in through a window are incredible! I really did jump from my chair a few times! The story is pretty simple and usual when it comes to horror titles - a man was found dead in a house known for mysteries. An agent (male or female) is investigating the house itself and gets in real trouble. Now the only goal is to get out alive... One of the best aspects of this game is that it's very much open-ended. You can explore all three floors of the house from almost the very beginning , and if you are having trouble with one puzzle you can always move on to another one without feeling blocked. In fact most of the puzzles aren't necessary to finish the game, but can help you tremendously (for example if you figure out how to defeat the suit of armor, you get a nice sword which doesn't break like the old cutlass you start out with). Alone in the Dark is one of the best horror/adventure/action games ever made. It's great atmosphere is something that you just can't miss. Not to mention how great it is to be played late at night...

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