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Copyright: © 1984 Dan Baker
Genre: Puzzle games

Puzzle games Beast Ahh, well this is a long time ago... I was five. I remember I'd never seen a PC before and I went to the attic. My mother was sitting behind a TV and controlling a small blue thing with which she crashed the little "H" creatures using green bricks. You can imagine I thought "WHAT THE @#&$???", but yeah, I was five, so I didn't think like that back then ;) That was my very first experience with computers. She showed me how to play this game and so I did and I couldn't stop. Since then I was a PC addictive... Well, as I said, the idea is really simple, you control a little blue "thing" and you crush small "H" creatures by using bricks. For the very first game you play, this game is awesome. For me, it's an experience I will never forget. For others, it won't be a real great game. The graphics aren't really special. When playing this game, you should really slow down your PC, cuz it will be unplayable on a pentium 75+! For people who like these kind of games, try the game Caves, that looks like it, but has more variation, better graphics and the game is more fun to play!

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