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Monopoly Deluxe

Copyright: © 1992 Virgin Interactive

Monopoly Deluxe Review 1: Monopoly used to be my favorite board game ages ago. I still consider it to be one of the most addictive and very intelligent game, but I am too lazy to set up the board, distribute money and most of all to gather enough players to make the game more interesting. If you are like me and you like Monopoly then this is the game for you! The classical board game is back. Virgin games did a good work with this one. The rules are the same as in the original game so that will not be a problem for you. Select number of players (1-8). If you are alone you can compete with computer-controlled opponents but it is much better to play with friends. Anyway, try to become the one and only millionaire by making your opponents go bankrupt. Great family game that you will be getting back to many times... Review 2: Until Westwood's Monopoly CD-ROM, this was the best PC conversion of parlor game classic. All the tokens are here, with up to 8 components, any number of which can be computer-controlled. The rules of Monopoly are included in full, thanks to Windows help file. As far as board games go, you can't really find fault with this Windows version of the classic.

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