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Superhero League Of Hoboken

Copyright: © 1994 Legend Entertainment
Genre: Adventure

Adventure Superhero League of Hoboken This is a zany adventure/RPG game designed by none other than Steve Meretzky. Although admittedly not as funny as his Spellcasting series, this game is still chock full of Meretzsky hallmarks: lots of funny characters, wacky plot, and some tough puzzles. As leader, you must lead the Superhero League of Hoboken to stardom by taking on increasingly difficult missions, and endure a fair amount of political satire and silly combat sessions where you use hilarious superpowers, such as the ability to see through pizza boxes and kitchen objects as weapon :) Highly recommended for everyone, although be prepared for some aggravating back-tracking if you forget an important item somewhere, and some very cheesy dialogues that are too atrocious to be funny .

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