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Alone in the Dark 2

Alone in the Dark 2 is currently download only.

Last Updated: Sun, 28 March 2021 @ 15:14
Copyright: © 1993 I-Motion, Inc. (0 Titles)
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0 Alternate version 1
Filesize: 12 MB
Genre(s): Action Adventure
Rating: Alone in the Dark 2has a 4.6 star rating (179 Votes)

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About Alone in the Dark 2

Eager to capitalize upon the success of their previous game in the Alone in the Dark series, Infogrames set on a voyage the second in the series just a year after the first game hit stores. Considered the first true 3D games, the Alone in the dark series has been a revolutionary movement in the video game industry to innovation. Unfortunately, Alone in the Dark 2 does not make a very fitting sequel to the first in the series. Somehow the second game in a trilogy always seems to be the worst of the three, unfortunately, and that is no exception here. But that does not mean that Alone in the Dark 2 is a bad game, for many outstanding in the game do outweigh its bad ones. I will start by analyzing the best part of the game. It's story. Though it does not evolve as you play the game like the first game, the extremely well explained cast of characters provide enough plot to keep the game very interesting. The story begins with a man named Striker, who heads to the seaside mansion of Hell's Kitchen to investigate rumors of a little girl kidnaped by a gang headed by Jack. No, not Jack Sparrow, One-eyed Jack. Sound like a pirate name huh? Upon entering mansion, Striker finds the girl, but I bet he didn't count on Jack showing up on the form of a knife wielding clown. But luckily Striker sent a wire to our old hero Edward Carnaby, who has gained quite the fame from defeating the Cthulian sorcerer from the first game. He arrives at the mansion with a six pack (of dynamite) just as soon as you click Start a New Game. But upon arrival, Carnaby finds out about a deadly voodoo curse upon some ancient pirates, and the true reason why the poor little girl was kidnapped. Help Carnaby and our damsel in distress, Grace Saunders, escape the vile depths of One-eyed Jack's Hell's Kitchen. Now to discuss the inner workings of this pleasant game. Now compared to games like Dark Seed 2, which only came out a year after this, the graphics could have been better. But personally, I love the way the graphics are. It's like playing Lego Horror movie on your computer. Seriously, though, the animations are very realistic in contrast with the blockiness of the characters. Each person moves exactly how a real life person would move. Unfortunately, the control scheme is not as smooth. I have frequently been frustrated while playing this game because I could not aim my gun or stop running into walls. (That's the screenshots you see for the game don't go very far from the beginning of the game) The music is almost non-existant, which really doesn't make this game more scary. Lets face it, in contrast with the strange and freakish creatures of the first game, these real people and shadow ghosts just don't cut the cheese. (And we're thankful for that.) The only scary characters in the game are the voodoo lady and One-Eyed Jack. The rest make you feel like you're playing Lego Godfather. Don't get me wrong, the only things I'm saying here are that the games not as scary as it tries to be, and that the control system is not good. But the control system has been bad in all the Alone in the Dark series, so its not that big of a deal. After all these were the first true 3D games, so you can expect it to be a bit hard to control. So to conclude my review, Alone in the dark is a great mystery game, that, despite its flaws, has many redeeming qualities in the story which make up for everything else, and want you to always come back to the game for more. Replayability may not be high (for me anyway, most of you will probably disagree with most of my points), but at least this game makes for a decent experience that some will love. I'd love to go higher, but in my opinion, this game just can't budge past a 3. You will probably disagree, so download as fast as you can, and enjoy this rare adventure jewel.

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