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DOS GAME Year Copyright
S.W.A.T. Academy is browser playable.S.W.A.T. Academy 2001 Johan F. Ugland
Sabiduria is browser playable.Sabiduria 1988 Facil Data C.A.
Sabotaje is browser playable.Sabotaje 1988 Compulogical
Saboteur II is browser playable.Saboteur II 1987 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Sadist 2  is browser playable.Sadist 2 2001 Zombie Mastah Prodakshans
Safari Guns is browser playable.Safari Guns 1989 Infogrames Europe SA
Sailing ...An Adventure in The Bermuda Triangle is browser playable.Sailing ...An Adventure in The Bermuda Triangle 1983 Dynetron Company
Saint & Greavsie is browser playable.Saint & Greavsie 1989 Grandslam Entertainments Ltd.
Saloon is browser playable.Saloon 1986 Anonymous
Sam Spade is browser playable.Sam Spade 1985 Sanborn Software Systems
Sam Spade Game, The  is browser playable.Sam Spade Game, The 2008 Sanborn Software Systems
Same or Different is browser playable.Same or Different 1989 Softdisk Publishing
Sanctuary is browser playable.Sanctuary 1989 Conrad Button
Sango Fighter is browser playable.Sango Fighter 2010 Super Fighter Team
Sango Fighter 2 is browser playable.Sango Fighter 2 2010 Super Fighter Team
Santa is browser playable.Santa 2003 Anonymous
Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio is browser playable.Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio 1988 Keypunch Software, Inc.
Sapiens is browser playable.Sapiens 1987 Loriciel SA
Sarge is browser playable.Sarge 1989 Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
Savage (CGA-Tandy) is browser playable.Savage (CGA-Tandy) 1989 Firebird Software Ltd.
Savage (EGA) is browser playable.Savage (EGA) 1989 Firebird Software Ltd.
Scapeghost is browser playable.Scapeghost 1989 Level 9 Computing, Ltd.
Schiffe Deluxe  is browser playable.Schiffe Deluxe 2002 Storm-Master
Schoolhouse is browser playable.Schoolhouse 1988 Maverick Software, Inc.
Sci-Fly is browser playable.Sci-Fly 1986 Bob Berg
Scoop, The is browser playable.Scoop, The 1989 Spinnaker Software Corporation
Scorpion (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Scorpion (Pinball Construction Set) 1986 MJL
Scrabble is browser playable.Scrabble 1988 Chris Hall
Scrambled Eggs   is browser playable.Scrambled Eggs 2001 Hamster Republic Productions
Scrapper (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Scrapper (Pinball Construction Set) 198x Kevin Bass
Scumball (Pinball Construction Set) is browser playable.Scumball (Pinball Construction Set) 198x Anonymous
Sea Hunt is browser playable.Sea Hunt 1988 HalmaGames
Sea Search is browser playable.Sea Search 1984 Mark Data Products
Sea Speller   is browser playable.Sea Speller 1985 Fisher-Price
Seabattle is browser playable.Seabattle 1987 Creative Computing
Search for the Titanic is browser playable.Search for the Titanic 1989 Capstone Software
Seastalker is browser playable.Seastalker 1984 Infocom, Inc.
SeaWolf is browser playable.SeaWolf 1982 International PC Owners
Second Conflict is browser playable.Second Conflict 1989 Jerry Galloway and E.R. Markgraf
Secret Sequence is browser playable.Secret Sequence 1983 Ralph G. Brickner
See the USA is browser playable.See the USA 1987 Compu-Teach Corporation
Serguei's Destiny  is browser playable.Serguei's Destiny 2002 Robin Gravel
Serpent  is browser playable.Serpent 1982 Anonymous
Serpentine is browser playable.Serpentine 1982 Broderbund Software, Inc.
Serpy is browser playable.Serpy 1986 Anonymous

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