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1999 DOS Games

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DOS GAME Year Copyright
A-Pac is download only. A-Pac 1999 Eli Babila
Adventures of SandDude, The is browser playable.Adventures of SandDude, The 1999 Scott Piper
Aitic  is browser playable.Aitic 1999 Dominik Kaspar
Akalabeth Remake is browser playable.Akalabeth Remake 1999 Jeffrey Hoeksma
Alchemy  is browser playable.Alchemy 1999 Martin Hunt
Antitron  is download only. Antitron 1999 Binary Spells
Arc Legacy, The  is browser playable.Arc Legacy, The 1999 Mark Hall
Around the World - Christmas is browser playable.Around the World - Christmas 1999 TMB Productions
Attack of the Mutant Camels PC  is browser playable.Attack of the Mutant Camels PC 1999 RetroSpec
Best Library Rerun is browser playable.Best Library Rerun 1999 Esperanto Entertainment
Beyond The Reality 2- vis maior  is browser playable.Beyond The Reality 2- vis maior 1999 Michal Pogrudka
Bit Storm is download only. Bit Storm 1999 Boris W. van Schooten
Bricko The Challenge!  is browser playable.Bricko The Challenge! 1999 Davey Taylor
CapSpace is browser playable.CapSpace 1999 Peter Binsted
Cave Speeding is browser playable.Cave Speeding 1999 Knut Stanley Jacobsen
Chicks Dig Jerks is browser playable.Chicks Dig Jerks 1999 Robb Sherwin
Comet b.0 is browser playable.Comet b.0 1999 Ulrich Turke
Command Da Bonga is browser playable.Command Da Bonga 1999 2nd Moon
Confaive is browser playable.Confaive 1999 Kaswoj Software
Cowquest  is download only. Cowquest 1999 Hand Productions
Crash Barrier is browser playable.Crash Barrier 1999 Ian D. Martin
Crazy Brix is browser playable.Crazy Brix 1999 PPPTeam
CyberPonyv1.2b is browser playable.CyberPonyv1.2b 1999 SoftGun
DarkPhear  is browser playable.DarkPhear 1999 Cleber de Mattos Casali
Day for Soft Food, A is browser playable.Day for Soft Food, A 1999 Tod Levi
Desert Race  is browser playable.Desert Race 1999 Aspirine
Diogenes  is browser playable.Diogenes 1999 J.Burwitz
Dolphin Fighter is browser playable.Dolphin Fighter 1999 Leandro Pardini
Dot Trouble Christmas Version is browser playable.Dot Trouble Christmas Version 1999 Dusi Computer Software
Dungeon Crawl  is download only. Dungeon Crawl 1999 Linley Henzell
Ein ganz normaler Schultag is browser playable.Ein ganz normaler Schultag 1999 Mr Creosote
Escape From Tarabithia is browser playable.Escape From Tarabithia 1999 Jason Billard
Evil Astroidea is download only. Evil Astroidea 1999 Exceed
FastGame is browser playable.FastGame 1999 Digital Murder, Skytech, JFF
Fatal Choice is browser playable.Fatal Choice 1999 Nathan Wallis, Elias Holmlid
FIDO  is browser playable.FIDO 1999 Yuri Nesterenko
Football Fanatic  is browser playable.Football Fanatic 1999 Thunderbear Software Creations
Football Masters 99  is download only. Football Masters 99 1999 ESP Software
Four In A Row Level  is browser playable.Four In A Row Level 1999 Lewis Hall
G-Fighter is browser playable.G-Fighter 1999 Gaping Wolf Software
G-Master is browser playable.G-Master 1999 Anonymous
Gates of Hell 2, The is browser playable.Gates of Hell 2, The 1999 Necromason
GBGames Collection is browser playable.GBGames Collection 1999 GBGames
Genio, El is browser playable.Genio, El 1999 LDAP
GTron!  is browser playable.GTron! 1999 JuST FOr FuN

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